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You walk past your furnace, and you find a puddle of water on the floor. What’s going on? The most common cause is condensation. Here are the potential causes for a  furnace leaking and what you can do about them.

Condensation Leak

A high-efficiency furnace creates condensation as it works. This typically drains out of the furnace through a pipe in the flooring. However, if that pipe gets clogged, or if there is a hole in it, then the water may collect on the floor instead. This can lead to electrical problems and water damage, so you’ll need a professional to fix it.

Secondary Heat Exchanger

High-efficiency furnaces also have secondary heat exchangers. This is where the condensation starts from, so a problem with the heat exchanger can result in a leak on your floor. However, these are very expensive parts to repair. Your HVAC professional will likely suggest that you replace the whole furnace instead of just the heat exchanger because the cost is so high it doesn’t make sense to sink more repair money into it.

Are you looking for help repairing a furnace leak and looking for the help of a professional? Call our team at Link ClimateCare today for immediate assistance.

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Humidifier Issues

Most furnaces are equipped with whole-home humidifiers. These add humidity to the warm air that the furnace creates so that the humidity can be dispersed throughout the house. However, whole-home humidifiers use water, and that water can result in a leak on your floor if something is wrong with the unit. There are many things that could be at fault. Maybe the pan has tipped over, the spray isn’t creating steam, or the lines to and from the humidifier have a leak. In this case, you’ll need a professional to find the root problem.

Exhaust Problem

If you have a high-efficiency furnace, then it has an exhaust vent above it. If this vent isn’t the right size, it can’t let all of the exhaust out fast enough. This causes a difference in temperature, which can then cause condensation, which can drip onto your floor. If this is the problem then you’ll need a professional to recalculate what the exhaust should be and install one that is the right size.

Wondering What to Do About A Furnace Leaking?

All of the potential problems that could cause a leaking furnace need a professional’s attention. If you have a leak, reach out to Link ClimateCare for help. Don’t forget to turn the furnace off first for safety.

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