Your new geothermal heating system will cut your family’s heating and cooling expenses in half. Geothermal heating is a sustainable way to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. Yes, you can heat and cool with your geothermal heating system.

Is Geothermal Suitable For Your house?

If you have a yard, the outdoor component will fit. If you have a little space in your furnace room (say, where your furnace used to be), the indoor component will fit.

Geothermal heating systems are:

Complex to install.

Easy to operate.

Incredibly efficient.

Simple to maintain.

We are one of the very, very few contractors qualified to install, maintain, and repair geothermal heating systems. Talk to us about yours here.

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A geothermal heat pump gets heat from pipes buried in the ground.

An eco-friendly, food-grade (you could drink it if you felt so inclined, not that we recommend it), antifreeze solution circulates through the pipes, picking up the natural heat stored deep in the ground. The heat is extracted by a heat pump.

Looking for geothermal repairs? Click here.

The process reverses in the summer.

Heat and humidity are pulled from the house, cooling your home much like a traditional heat pump. A geothermal heating system can:

  • Cut your heating and cooling bills by up to 65%.
  • Lower your water heating costs by up to 50%.
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Here are the top 3 concerns and solutions

We are the most experienced geothermal heating in southeastern Ontario, and service clients from Lindsay to Pickering to Orillia.

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