The older your home, the more likely it was built without ductwork. And making space for ducts now will take away the charm of your older house (not to mention the space you’re accustomed to). Not to worry, though. You can get reliable, efficient cooling with a ductless system, and you won’t be able to tell the difference between your home and a newer, centrally cooled home. In fact, the temperature and air quality in your home might even be better.

How Do Ductless Systems Work In Older Homes?

Ductless air conditioning systems connect an indoor unit with an outdoor unit to cool a designated zone in the home without any ductwork. A small, unobtrusive connection between the indoor and outdoor units quietly moves the treated air in or out.

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This system is particularly popular in homes built before 1970, and includes:

An outdoor unit

A set of small, coaxial-sized cables

A refrigerant line

An indoor unit

A remote

The indoor unit is usually mounted high on the interior wall, connected by the refrigerant line and cables to the outside unit through a small, insulated hole in the wall.

It can be set to run automatically or controlled through the small, digital controller.

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A ductless system is the best solution for homes without a central furnace or air conditioner, when a renovation adds more rooms to a house or the unfinished attic or basement is converted to a living space.

Rather than install new ductwork or expand the existing ductwork, a ductless system can provide efficient cooling at a lower operational cost while taking up less space than a traditional system.

Keep your charming house comfortable without adding a glut of bulky ductwork.

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We monitor the industry and only carry ductless air conditioner units from the most innovative manufacturers.

Both brands offer affordable and premium options for homes of all sizes. We can help you find the best choice for your budget and home layout.

A quote is never a commitment. Price out all your options, without ducts and with, and see the best option for your home upgrade or home addition. To get started, download our Ductless Mini Split System Brochure today.

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