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Beaverton Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Worried that you’re paying too much for a water heater rental? Invest in your next system with affordable Lindsay and Beaverton, ON water heater installations from Link ClimateCare. Contact us to find out more!

Finding the right water heater solution for your home can often be a challenge. On the one hand, you want something that is affordable and convenient for you and your family. On the other, you want to be sure you’re making the right decision with the most benefits regardless of cost. Generally, that leaves homeowners with two options, water heater rentals or rent to own programs. While this is the norm for many homeowners in Lindsay and Beaverton, ON, there’s actually a third option now.

CLARITY by ClimateCare is your path to affordable water heater ownership. Unlike rent to own programs that have confusing terms, with the CLARITY subscription program you know exactly what your low monthly payment is, and where that money goes. At Link ClimateCare we are your local authorized installation experts. We can help you get the system your home needs, and have it installed in no time!

The Perks Of CLARITY

At Link ClimateCare we’ve been serving the community for years. We understand your home needs and the comfort you expect from your water heater tank installation. This is why we always offer the CLARITY by ClimateCare program. It ensures affordable ownership, while also offer tons of perks like:
No Money Down No down payment is required for installation – that’s what we call hassle-free service.
Low Monthly Payments Affordably purchase a water heater with low monthly payments.
Top of the Line Products Gain peace of mind knowing your water heater will work efficiently for years to come.
One Stop Resource Whether you need to replace your air conditioner, furnace or water heater, we have you covered.
Satisfaction Guarantee If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will work with you to resolve the issue. We guarantee it.
Affordable Ownership Your monthly ownership investment could be less than the cost of renting.

Renting vs. Buying A

Water Heater
Water heater rentals in Lindsay, Beaverton and the surrounding Ontario areas are a common solution for home needs – but does that mean it’s the best? With a water heater rental you get no added value to your home and you end up paying much more over time than if you were to purchase a water heater. Luckily, CLARITY by ClimateCare is now a water heater subscription option for you. With this program, you get the flexibility of low monthly payments with added perks that ensures your ongoing peace of mind.
  • YOU OWN YOUR SYSTEM – From the moment it’s installed in your home, you own your water heater
  • NO SURPRISE FEES – Rent to own programs can have confusing terms – CLARITY is transparent with every associated cost.
  • PARTS & LABOUR IS COVERED – Nothing is worse than paying for repairs and maintenance, that’s why we cover it as part of your perks for joining the program!

Enjoy more savings than ever when you bundle your new water heater with an upgraded furnace or air conditioner.

We Make Installations Simple and Convenient

At Link ClimateCare we’re dedicated to our customers and have been for years. We streamline the installation process to get your home back up and running quickly, while also offering added perks like:
Convenient Appointments
No one wants to wait around for a technician or leave work early. We schedule our installation appointments around your schedule.
Quality Work
Our technicians are licensed and certified to perform installations. They’re constantly undergoing additional training to ensure we’re the best.
Clean Workmanship
Nothing is worse than a dirty home. We keep our workspace tidy and always take the time to clean before leaving your home.
Save on your new Beaverton, ON water heater when you contact Link ClimateCare. We offer professional solutions that improve performance and comfort.

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