Geothermal Repairs

The complex ground/water heat pumps employed in this system and the naturally sourced energy make it one of the most efficient heating and cooling technologies available today. Because it is a specialized system, geothermal heating repair is complex. In fact, most HVAC contractors can’t perform these repairs. That’s why so many families in the Lindsay area call us when their system needs maintenance or repairs. Need other hot-water-powered heating systems repaired? Contact us.

No Other Contractor Can Handle These Repairs
Geothermal heating repair requires:

Special training.

Purpose-built tools.


Most contractors don’t invest in the extensive training and retraining needed for trustworthy and consistent work quality in household geothermal systems. We do, and it’s why most homeowners contact us first when something goes wrong underground. Geothermal repairs are often expensive and best avoided by signing up for a maintenance plan.

Repairs are expensive, maintenance is not. Sign up for a maintenance package and save a lot.

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Just like a furnace or air conditioner, you need to maintain your geothermal heating system.

  • Maintenance keeps moving parts clean.
  • Maintenance is your best chance at catching a minor problem before it escalates.
  • Maintenance extends the life of your investment.
  • Maintenance is often a warranty requirement.

Maintenance on your geothermal heating system should take place annually.

Call us for your geothermal heating repair, but sign up for maintenance afterward to avoid running into this sort of major issue again.

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