Our top-rated high-efficiency furnaces are just one example of a beneficial green HVAC technology designed to make your home more energy and cost-efficient. From geothermal heat pumps to smart thermostats, we have the products that will reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Green HVAC Technology

Little changes to your home can make a big difference for the environment and your utility bills:

  1. Energy efficiency – Today’s HVAC products are being created with energy conservation in mind.
  2. Small changes add up – Making changes to your home is a great place to start to support the environment.
  3. Save money – Who doesn’t want to save money? Utilizing green HVAC technologies in your home keeps money in your wallet, while also helping the planet.

Creating an Energy-Efficient Home

Look at your hydro bill and ask yourself if it could be lower. If so, here are a few of the green HVAC tech products that can help your home save energy while improving the planet:

Top Rated High Efficiency Furnaces

Furnaces have come a long way over the past few decades. New technology has focused on ensuring they are much more efficient than they used to be. They do this by extracting more heat out of the gas they consume and only using the amount of energy needed to get the job done correctly.

Geothermal Heat Pump

This underground system uses piping containing water and antifreeze. In the winter, the fluid in the piping absorbs the heat from the earth. The heat is then distributed through your heating system. In summer, it draws heat out of the system and transfers it into the ground. This system can also be attached to your home’s hot water.

Smart Thermostats

The era of the “smart” home is here, and smart thermostats are a big part of it. These devices are utilized by connecting to smartphones and tablets. This allows a homeowner to be able to control the heating and cooling of their homes from anywhere in the world.

Smart thermostats also learn to adjust to your personal preferences, alert you of any maintenance issues and help to conserve energy, while also giving you stats on your energy consumption.

Get the HVAC Tech You Need Today

Contact us at Link ClimateCare to learn more about any of our green HVAC technologies.

Article Updated 2023.

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