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Your HVAC system goes through a big transition in the spring in preparation for the summer months. You’ll stop using your furnace or fireplace and start using your air conditioner. Plus, you might also be running a HEPA filter, a heat pump, or maybe a ductless cooling system. Here’s how to dewinterize your HVAC system for the spring and summer:

1. Remove Covers

Outdoor air conditioners, heat pumps and other units sometimes have winter covers to protect them from snow and ice. But, if you turn them on when the cover is on, they can overheat and suffer condensation, both of which can cause permanent damage. So, step one is always to remove the cover and, if need be, wipe down the outside of the unit.

2. Change Air Filters

Your next step should be to replace the air filters in all of your units. For the furnace, it just spent all winter collecting dust and debris, so it’s wise to change it out. For the air conditioner and other HVAC units you’re about to turn on, a clean filter will help them run as efficiently as possible. It will also help reduce the number of allergens, mold spores and dust particles circulating in your air.

3. Clean and Seal Ducts

Your air ducts also collect a lot of airborne debris throughout the winter. Many homeowners choose to time their yearly air duct cleaning with the start of spring. This helps remove dust, debris, allergens, and mold spores from your home so that you can breathe easier.

If you have never had your ducts sealed, this is also a great time to get that done. Duct sealing fixes any holes or gaps in your air ducts. These allow cold air from your central air conditioner to escape before it gets to the room it is meant for. Leaking ducts are a big cause of hot and warm spots in your home and they reduce the overall efficiency of your HVAC appliances. After sealing the ducts, your home will be more comfortable and your units may cost less to operate.

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Talk to the Professionals

Yearly maintenance from your HVAC professionals can prevent repairs down the road. Your HVAC professionals will clean the inside of your air conditioner, furnace and other appliances to keep them running well. They will check the function of the unit and correct any small problems they find. Otherwise, small problems could turn into major problems that need expensive repairs or require your unit to be replaced.

Link ClimateCare is Here to Help

To ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly this spring and summer follow these steps to dewinterize your HVAC unit. If you need help be sure to contact the experts at Link ClimateCare!

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