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When you need a new furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or water softener, you may feel like you have a choice between buying the equipment outright and financing it. However, if you choose Link Climate Care, you have a third option. If you don’t have the cash on hand to buy your HVAC equipment outright, then you may prefer CLARITY by ClimateCare. CLARITY offers you low monthly payments that result in product ownership from day one.

Benefits of Rent to Own HVAC

Our CLARITY program offers many benefits that you can’t get from financing your equipment or buying it outright. We think you get the best of both worlds with this plan. The benefits of CLARITY include:

  • No money down: Some equipment, such as a furnace, is prohibitively expensive, but with CLARITY you don’t need to put any money down at all.
  • Low payments: The specific payment will depend on the equipment that you need, but we offer reasonable payments across the board. It’s more affordable than many financing options, which can come with high interest premiums.
  • No repair bills: You own your equipment right away, but we still take care of any unexpected repair bills that pop up.
  • Maintenance is handled: We will also handle your yearly maintenance needs on your equipment. This means you’ll get better performance and a longer lifespan out of them, without it costing you anything extra.
  • Afford better equipment: Better quality furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters can provide you with a better quality of life. They can also lower your monthly utility bills, offsetting their cost a bit. These savings might be out of your reach without taking advantage of the CLARITY program.
  • Afford different equipment: For some, non-essential HVAC equipment such as water heaters may be out of their price range to buy outright. But they may be within your budget with CLARITY’s low monthly payments. Then, you can get the benefits of this equipment.
  • Move when you’re ready: You didn’t buy the appliance outright, so you’re not losing that money if you move before you’ve paid off the HVAC equipment.

Thinking about CLARITY by ClimateCare to own your HVAC system? Let’s talk! Our experts at Link ClimateCare are here to help. Call us today.

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Disadvantages of Financing 

Financing can be inconvenient and expensive. Depending on your credit score, you may get a high-interest rate that makes your equipment more expensive than it needs to be. Arranging for your financing can be a hassle too, and it doesn’t end there. If your equipment needs maintenance or repair, you’ll need to pay that out of pocket, on top of the payment you’re making every month. You may be tempted to skip yearly maintenance due to the cost, but this can undermine the value and performance of your equipment and cause expensive repairs.

Why Choose Link Climate Care?

Link offers smart and flexible ownership options for HVAC. If you are looking into buying one of our HVAC systems, please contact our experts today.

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