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Getting your AC serviced can help your air conditioner perform better all summer long. That said, there are ideal times for you to schedule your air conditioner maintenance.

How often should you schedule AC maintenance?

Once per year is ideal, and try to time your air conditioner maintenance for just before you turn it on in later spring or early summer.

Of course, to beat the rush, you might want to book the appointment a month or so earlier than that so you know you’ll get your technician out before you want to turn the air conditioner on. They’ll be busy servicing everyone’s air conditioners this time of year.

There are good reasons to service your air conditioner yearly, and this maintenance is best performed in spring.

Why Get Your AC Serviced in the Spring?

Air conditioner maintenance will refresh your air and make sure that your air conditioner works efficiently all summer. If, instead, you had your air conditioner serviced in the middle of the summer or later in the season, you’d be turning on an air conditioner with a dirty filter in spring. This could lower your air quality, lower the efficiency of the air conditioner, and have other negative effects.

What Does a Service Entail?

Your HVAC technician will change the filter on your air conditioner, look for moisture issues, clean external and internal parts, check over each part for performance and efficiency, and more. When you get all of this done before you turn on the air conditioner, you lower your chances of needing repairs through the year substantially.

Not sure if you need maintenance for your air conditioner before summer? Get in touch with professionals at Link ClimateCare to find our more or schedule an in home assessment.

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The Benefits of Yearly Maintenance

Why get your air conditioner maintenance yearly instead of every other year or less often? Yearly maintenance has many benefits that can help you keep your home comfortable:

  • Catch minor issues: Issues left unchecked start to get worse and create major repair issues down the road.
  • Air quality: You can enhance overall air quality by checking and changing the filter and other components yearly.
  • Efficiency: A well-maintained air conditioner will run more efficiently and cost you less in utilities.

Get Your AC Serviced with Link ClimateCare

Are you ready to schedule your yearly air conditioner maintenance? At Link ClimateCare, we can handle your yearly air conditioner maintenance quickly and properly. Reach out to our experts today.

Article updated 2024-01-24.

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