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One factor that determines how long hot water tanks take to heat up is whether they use gas or electricity. A tank that uses gas will take 30-40 minutes to heat from empty, whereas electric water heater tanks can take twice as long.  

How a Hot Water Tank Works  

All tanks are calibrated to keep water at a preset temperature. They have a cold water input line and a hot water output line. When you turn on the faucet and switch it to hot, the hot water flows from the tank to the faucet via the output line. As the volume of water in the tank goes down, the intake line will begin drawing cold water into the tank. The burner or element will automatically turn on when there is enough cold to drop the water temperature to below its preset level.  


Over time, sediment deposits can build up inside the tank. All water has dissolved solids in it, which means that repeated use will leave deposits. This is a problem if the deposits collect above the burner because they interfere with the transfer of heat. If your tank seems to be lagging in hot water available, a maintenance visit should be considered. 

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When is it Time for Replacement? 

When gas burners or electric elements are on their last legs, they struggle to deliver adequate heat long enough to reach the preset water temperature.  Bring in a technician who can check the hot water heating element and tell you if it’s best to replace everything or repair it.  

Should I Replace What I Have with a Tankless Hot Water Heater? 

There is also the problem of distance and volume. Sometimes delivery is slow because there is a very long distance from the tank to the faucet. Sometimes there is not enough tank volume for multiple faucets to draw from at the same time. A tankless hot water heater is a possible solution for these problems and an HVAC technician will be able to guide you through the decision-making process.  

Instead of struggling with troubleshooting yourself, book an appointment with the professionals at Link ClimateCare. The most cost-effective solution for you might be to go for a high-efficiency upgrade with one of our service packages.  

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