What is an Ecobee smart thermostat? It may just be one of the best smart home upgrades you can make. The latest Smart Thermostat Premium model has more features and integrations than those from a few years ago, making it your most high-tech option.  

We love Ecobee smart thermostats for their many advantages, including helping people stay in tune with their HVAC systems. 

So, why should you love them? Here are five benefits of the Ecobee smart thermostat.

1. Huge Savings 

Ecobee smart thermostats have always helped homeowners reduce how much they run their furnace or air conditioner. One of the best ways is to stop these appliances from running when you’re not home but start them up when you’re on your way back. It’s smart decisions like these that help you save up to 26% on your yearly heating and cooling costs. 

2. Air Quality Monitor 

If you’re asking, “Why should I get a smart thermostat?”, one of the best answers is that they now offer air quality information. Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat Premium can detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CO2 levels. This can help you take control of allergies, your respiratory health, and so much more. Share the results with your HVAC technician or your doctor and get solutions to reduce the contaminants that impact your health. 

3. Apps, Apple Watch and More 

The Ecobee integrates with much of the other technology in your home, which makes it convenient to operate, especially from a distance. For example, Ecobee has an app that integrates with your Apple watch, iPhone, and more. 

But does Ecobee work with Google Home? Yes, each model integrates with the Home app as well as the Apple HomeKit. Additionally, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium comes with Siri or Alexa built-in, which means you can give it voice commands. 

4. Improve Home Safety 

Seeing as the Ecobee detects when you’re home to turn on your HVAC units, why not also detect when you have intruders? At least, we suspect the engineers at Ecobee must have thought like that. Each thermostat model can now alert you if someone unexpected is in your home with Intruder Alerts. 

5. Streaming, Calling and More 

Not all Ecobee thermostats have these capabilities, but the latest Smart Thermostat Premium model does. In addition, it includes hands-free calling, so there is no need to even reach for your smartphone if you need to get ahold of someone. 

What about streaming Spotify? Or connecting to your phone to stream other music over Bluetooth? Luckily, you can do either with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, which can help you reduce the number of home gadgets you need.  

Ecobee3 Lite 

Not interested in all the bells and whistles? Ecobee offers a base model called the Ecobee3 Lite, which provides the same energy-saving capabilities as other models but in a more simplified package. If you just want to manage your HVAC usage but don’t need additional features like hands-free calling and music streaming, the Ecobee3 Lite may be the best option for you.  

Ready to get an Ecobee smart thermostat for your home? The team at Link ClimateCare can help set you up. Reach out to us today with your questions or about getting your thermostat installed. 

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