Does homeowner’s insurance cover HVAC? It would be convenient to get your HVAC costs covered by insurance, wouldn’t it? There are some circumstances where your homeowner’s insurance could cover repairs or replacement for your HVAC equipment, however, they are relatively rare as compared to your average maintenance or repair issues. Here is what you need to know about when your homeowners’ insurance policy might cover your HVAC costs. 

Your Individual Policy Matters 

We’re about to give you a general run-down of when your homeowners’ insurance might cover your HVAC needs, but every policy is a little different. You’ll have to look into the specifics of the policy that you have to know for sure if and when your HVAC system is covered. Talk to your broker to confirm your suspicions about the policy. If you’re missing coverage that you think you should have then you may be able to increase your coverage. 

What Could Be Covered? 

Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the wear-and-tear on your fridge or your floors, so it doesn’t cover that for your HVAC equipment. If your furnace is giving out due to old age, your homeowners’ insurance policy won’t be involved. 

However, your HVAC equipment is covered the same way that those other elements of your home are. If there is damage from things like fire, flood, fallen trees, or vandalism then your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover the cost of repair or replacement. 

You need to know which specific environmental risks your policy protects against and whether or not that was the risk that damaged your equipment. 

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How Do You File a Claim? 

So, a flood has destroyed your air conditioner, or a fire has ruined your furnace. How do you file a claim? First, consider if you should. Filing any claim will increase your premiums. Your HVAC professionals can tell you what the repair or replacement is likely to cost and therefore help you assess if a claim will be worthwhile for you.  

You might also compare the cost of the deductible with the cost of your repairs or replacement. If the deductible is more than the repairs or replacement it does not make sense to make a claim.   

How Will You Be Reimbursed? 

Again, this will depend on your specific policy. While many homeowners believe that an insurance policy will certainly pay them everything, this may not be the case. There are two main kinds of reimbursement:  

  • Reimbursement value: This is where the policy will cover the full cost you need to get the same kind of equipment that you had before. 
  • Actual cash value: This is where the policy will only cover the current value of the appliance. So, if you had a brand-new furnace, it will cover that, but if you had a very old furnace the amount may actually be very small.   

Learn More About HVAC and Insurance From the Experts

To learn more about homeowner’s insurance policies and their potential coverage for your HVAC damage or replacement options, contact your Insurance Company.  

For any HVAC repair or maintenance related inquires, call the experts at Link ClimateCare today. You can reach us 24/7. 

Article Updated 2024-01-24.

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