Keeping your air clean and your humidity levels ideal in your home can be a challenge especially in the winter. However, you can use an air purifier and humidifier together to keep your home more comfortable. Here are the differences between the two and the benefits of using an air purifier and humidifier together. 

Are Humidifiers and Air Purifiers the Same? 

No, they are two very separate components. An air purifier removes pollutants from the air while a humidifier helps maintain humidity levels. Here are two benefits of using an air purifier and humidifier together: 

  1. Reduce Symptoms: Air purifiers help reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies while humidifiers help reduce irritation of the nasal passages and throat caused by dry air.
  2. Reduce Germs: Air purifiers help remove cold and flu germs from the air which make you sick, while humidifiers reduce stuffy noses and other symptoms if you do get sick such as a sore throat and nose bleeds.

Using an Air Purifier and Humidifier 

Air purifiers provide a filtration system and a fan to help purify the air. The fan helps circulate the air while the filtration system such as a HEPA filter traps the pollutants such as germs, bacteria, debris, fine particulates, dust and more. Once purified the air purifier then recirculates the air making it cleaner and safer to breathe. 

Humidifiers add more moisture into the air by creating steam. Moisture is important as some homes become quite dry particularly in the winter when you are using your furnace. Moist air can help reduce dry throats and noses, chapped lips and damage to wood furniture such as cracking and warping. 

Is an Air Purifier Better Than a Humidifier? 

Because both appliances perform different duties one or the other isn’t necessarily better. In general, air purifiers might be considered better only in that all homes can use air purifiers to reduce pollutants in the air, while not all homes necessarily require a humidifier. 

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Can a Humidifier Clean the Air? 

No, humidifiers are strictly used to release more moisture into the air. They have no effect on the purity of the air, and in some cases can actually reduce the quality. For example, if you don’t change the filters of a humidifier, it can release tiny mineral particles found in tap water.  

To avoid this issue you can change the filters often, and also only use distilled water in the humidifier. It is also better to use a humidifier connected to your furnace as these are specially designed to distribute clean moisture to the air along with heat. 

Can Air Purifiers Help with Humidity? 

Air purifiers do not play a role in adding humidity to your home. However, they can make the air feel drier. Cold winter air is naturally dry, which is why many homeowners use free-standing humidifiers in their homes in the winter. 

Air purifiers are not designed to add or remove moisture from the air. However, as mentioned they might make the air feel drier. So if your home tends to be overly humid, an air purifier can actually help reduce moisture issues. Cold winter air is drier, so when running your air purifier in the winter months if your home is already dry, it can get even drier if you don’t have a humidifier. 

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