Why Now is the Best Time for Your Family to Install Geothermal Heating

EDIT June 2018 – The Ontario Government has discontinued this rebate program. Geothermal Heating is still an excellent choice for many families and Link ClimateCare are one of the few contractors available to help you with this service, contact us today to learn more.

Your family can get up to $20,000 in rebates from the Government of Ontario when you hire a participating contractor to install your new geothermal heating system.

Geothermal systems heat and cool your home, reducing your energy costs by up to 50% and chopping your carbon footprint to a fraction of what it once was.

If you are interested in geothermal for your home, now is the time to buy. It’s the best rebate program for geothermal we’ve ever seen (and we specialize in geothermal, so we know).

How do the rebates work and how much will I get?

The dollar amount you get in rebates depends on the size and type of your geothermal installation.

Three types of geothermal system qualify.

horizontal closed loop geothermal heating

Horizontal closed-loop geothermal system.

Rebate available is – $2,000/loop ton, up to $15,000.

If your home has a sufficient amount of property, this style may be most cost effective for you. Pipes lay in trenches requiring a minimum of 600 feet of 3/4‘ or 1’ HDPE pipe per ton or 500 feet of 1 ¼’ HDPE pipe per ton.

pond closed loop geothermal heating

Pond closed-loop geothermal system.

Rebate available is – $2,000/loop ton, up to $15,000.

If your property boasts a pond (lucky you!) of the right size and depth, a geothermal system below the pond might be best for you.

Pipes are laid at least eight feet below the pond surface and connect to your home. It doesn’t disrupt the pond and you get heating/cooling 50% more efficient than your current setup.

vertical closed loop geothermal heating

Vertical closed-loop geothermal system.

Rebate available is – $3,000/loop ton, up to $20,000.

In urban environments where space is limited, a vertical closed-loop geothermal system is best. And it gets the best rebates.

Pipes require a minimum of 200 feet of borehole and 400 feet of ¾’ or 1’ HDPE pipe per ton or 180 feet of borehole and 360 feet of 1 1/4’ HDPE pipe per ton.

How long does it take to get the rebate?

These geothermal rebates come through the new Green ON rebate program.

You don’t have to do much to get your rebate.

  1. Find a participating, certified contractor to purchase and install your new equipment (look at that, you already found one!).
  2. Your contractor will track all the details and submit the rebate application on your behalf (you can ask for verification of the paperwork submission so you know exactly when it’s done).
  3. When the work is complete, submit your proof of purchase (we’ll give you the contact information) and a rebate cheque will come your way in 8-12 weeks.

It’s a simple rebate system and a huge amount of money in rebates, especially if you install the vertical closed-loop geothermal system.

We specialize in geothermal installation, so we can help you find the perfect system (and make sure it qualifies for the rebates) before installing for you and submitting your rebate application.

Call to sort out your best option today!

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