You may not have considered getting air conditioning for your cottage, because you thought it wasn’t feasible. Well, we have good news for you, it is! With the advancements made in ductless air conditioning technology, cooling down your cottage has never been easier.

No matter the size, age or design of your cottage, ductless air conditioning can be installed with little issue, and won’t be in the way or affect your overall cabin experience.

A great choice for spaces that don’t have ducts, this system connects an indoor unit with an outdoor one to move treated air in and out. The indoor unit is generally mounted high up on a wall, is connected by only one line and cable, and can be controlled by a small, digital controller.

Brand Options/Features:

There are several different options when it comes to ductless air conditioners. Two of the most popular brands are Fujitsu and Gree. The units don’t require any ductwork and allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms so that if, for instance, one guest likes their room colder at night and another doesn’t, they can each find a temperature they’re comfortable with.

Fujitsu: With a reliable construction, Fujitsu is also one of the greenest ductless options available. They take part in the RoHS Directive to help limit hazardous substances in electric equipment and safeguard the environment. They offer single-room or multi-room split systems that are energy efficient and include features such as smart speakers and a Wi-Fi app.

Gree: Gree offers a wide range of ductless options, including a three-phase ducted split and floor consoles. They have portable air conditioners that are ideal for small spaces and dehumidify up to a litre of moisture per hour, perfect for those muggy cottage days!

Why Ductless:

Central Air
A popular choice for modern homes, central air is a great system, but may not work for most cabins, especially older ones. Central air needs ducts to transfer air, which many cabins weren’t built with. Adding duct work will take up valuable space that most cabins don’t have.

Window and Wall Air Conditioners
Sometimes known as window shakers, this style has become less popular because it can usually only cool one room. Wall air conditioners offer a little more of an advantage, as they free up a window, but still, they tend to only cool down a small area.

Portable Air Conditioners
These are a decent alternative to window air conditioners and use roughly one-eighth of the energy that central air does. But once again, this type of system does not provide much cooling power to anything more than a small bedroom.

Benefits to Air conditioning at the Cottage

During Canadian summers, our hot nights can make sleeping almost unbearable. Adding a ductless air conditioner to your cottage can help you get a comfortable and steady sleep.

Keeping cool is very important, especially during our hot months. Too much sun and heat can lead to heat exhaustion or even heatstroke. The best way to battle this is to have a cool place to retreat to periodically, to ensure you can enjoy more of your time at the cottage.

If you’re looking to make your cottage even more of a perfect getaway, get in touch with the cooling experts at Link ClimateCare. We can help you find the right type of air conditioning for your cottage to keep you cool this summer.

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