You can make the most of your Ontario seasonal cottage by installing an effective heating and cooling system. Whether your cottage is located in Lindsay, Beaverton, Kawartha Lakes, or Orillia cottage country, an energy-efficient heating and cooling system provides a comfy retreat all year round. Here are five things to consider when heating and cooling your seasonal cottage. 

1. Cottage Size 

A central air conditioner or furnace for a cabin just doesn’t work when space is limited.  That’s why a heat pump for cottages is one of your best options. A ductless heat pump requires a small outdoor unit connected to small indoor units in each area or room. That means you don’t require a massive furnace taking up valuable space. The best thing about the ductless heat pump is it warms in the winter and cools in the summer. An outdoor unit can handle up to five indoor units, making it ideal for your average Ontario cottage. When it comes to cottage heating systems in Canada, the ductless system rules. If you’re considering a central air system, it makes more sense for larger log homes with multiple rooms and floors. 

2. Noise Level 

Because air conditioners have outside units, they can be pretty loud when you’re lazing on your deck or dock. Whether you have individual window units, or a whole home AC unit, noise levels can really interfere with your enjoyment of the great outdoors. One of the best ways to reduce noise is to use a ductless heat pump. It offers whisper-soft AC that won’t interfere with your peaceful cottage setting. 

3. Ducts or Ductless 

Depending on the type of cottage or cabin you have, installation can be a major challenge. Running ductwork for an A-frame for example is difficult due to soaring ceilings. Also, many cottages and cabins have limited wall and ceiling space to accommodate ducts. It is a costly undertaking to tear out and replace drywall to install a duct system. Again, a ductless option works well as it uses a series of minimally invasive connectors that are quick and easy to install.

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4. Humidity Levels in the Summer 

Humidity levels are important when it comes to cottages. Even though you might be worlds away from the heat of the city, even areas like Lindsay, Beaverton, Kawartha Lakes, or Orillia get muggy in the summer. A Gree portable air conditioner is the answer to both keeping you cool and managing humidity levels. They are ideal for small spaces and dehumidify up to a litre of moisture per hour.   

5. Best Way to Heat a Cabin Year Round 

If you aren’t as concerned about AC but want to make your cottage or cabin all season, a radiant heating system is ideal. It is installed in the floor, delivering heat directly from the floor to the room. You have the benefit of heat, but with the added comfort of a heated floor on those cold winter and fall days. You also don’t need a large, cumbersome furnace.  The best way to heat a remote cabin is propane heaters that don’t require electricity or with a ductless heat pump.  

If you’re looking to make your cottage a perfect getaway in winter, spring, summer and fall, get in touch with the heating and cooling experts at Link ClimateCare. We’ll help you find the right heating and cooling options for your cottage, cabin or log home.    

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